Training by racing a virtual "youself"

(Andrew Davis) #1

 I would like to be able to train against a former “best time ride” using some kind of virtual avatar.  In other words, say two weeks ago, I climbed the mountain ride in xx time.  Today, I would like to race against that ride using precisely the pace that I rode that day.  It would have to be the actual ride, not some average pace that one can’t keep up with when ascending but crushes on the descent.  Thoughts?  I think that it would be great for training as it would be you against you.

(Paul Allen) #2

There are other request just like yours make sure you vote those up also so Zwift knows what the users want. 

(Scheub Beat Lymphoma) #3

Great idea!

(... david (aka "setuid")) #4

Put your attention and comments into the “Personal Best Bot” request: