Personal trainer

Workout mode can be more interactive, effective and fun with a virtual personal trainer. This can potentially be an optional feature with a small additional fee if that helps for development.

It allows us to set preference of:

  • Goal (ex. FTP, Endurance, Sprint, Hill claim, etc.)
  • Intensity level (ex. Beginner, Advanced, Pro) 
  • Schedule (ex. 1 hour per a day, which days of the week, etc.)
  • Trainer type (ex. Gender, Personality, etc.) 

In a workout session:

  • Trainer (as an avatar) shows up, and explains today’s menu based on your preference, the past training results, and FTP.
  • During ride, simply follow the trainer (no drafting) for the pace, and the trainer tells/cheers (via voice and/or message) you what to do. The level of interaction varies in trainer’s personality.
  • When finished, the trainer review today’s workout and motivate you for the next session.

Very cool idea. I would even pay a fee to get this feature.

I have thought about it before also!

the ZWIFT slogan should be "never ride alone "

The avatar trainer ( computer generated) just to set the pace of the training plan selected in “workouts”, the avatar can set the pace and maybe give some general tips , reminders or techniques.

Sorry I didn’t understand. Is there or isn’t any Personal Trainner on Zwift, dedicated to each cyclist that what’s to pay for personal training support?


But there are groups that train together, you can find them on Face book. Search for Zwift and Zwift Riders or Zwift fitness.