Virtual Coach

(Brad Allatt) #1

A virtual coach, which in turn would be a riding companion.  Someone that could offer words of encouragement, e.g. “You’re doing really well, let’s see if you can pickup your cadence”, “You’re doing it really tough here, why not shift down a gear”.  Something like this could work in with personal goals you put in, like a heart rate range, rpm, speed etc.  You could even offer different personalities/genders, you could have a real easy going coach for someone like myself that is just trying to get back in shape, and at the other end of the spectrum an aggressive personality that just keeps pushing you.

(Luke Ramsey CAM C) #2

Sounds fun.

i volunteer to be an aggressive coach :wink:

(Brett Martin) #3

I’m sure that you are forecasting Zwift 2-3 years down the track…Baby steps first!