Coaching Module

This winter, I would like to use Zwift to coach riders on my team who can’t ride together IRL. To do this, I would like a “coach view,” in which I can see info on multiple riders simultaneously during a ride. What I envision is a “Brady Bunch” style grid of squares, with a separate square for each rider. In each square, I would see a rider (via webcam), along with the rider’s live data, incl. watts, HR, cadence, etc. Ability to customize the data shown would be great. One square should also show a map of the course with each rider’s location on the course. I could see this as a premium feature with an added cost. As it is, I can monitor 1 rider at a time, but not multiple riders simultaneously.

Maybe it also makes sense for coaches to have the ability to give “private workout sessions” (f.e. coach invites his Athlete(s) to join his session). So it could be a great tool for online coaches.