Race with yourself

Would appreciate an option to ride against an avatar of myself in an earlier Zwifride. Or have a (optional) window available in which positions are being indicated (ahead/behind).


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It would be great, but Zwift recently said that it isn’t possible in the current software.

Sometimes I use a stopwatch. I know at what point I should hit the bottom of Box Hill and that I need to hit the peak before 8 minutes. It would need to be a time trial bike, as drafting can significantly increase your speed.  

What could be so hard doing it?

Simply double the client.

So if you choose to ride against yourself your PC simply sends two “users” to zwift. One is real (you) the other is a bot (your ghost) the ghost simply gets a fixed watt/time for a certain course or intervall and is only visible for the user itself. problem done.

i dont know if you guys played race games like gran turismo ecetera … all of these had real good micromanagement and features which could be implemented as well. Zwift should copy more on these other then trying to force users to use smartphones or to become super skinny in order to compete … :slight_smile:

this was a feature  i used on taxc all the time, it would be very helpful if it was available here, the old ghost rider that only you as the rider could see would be terrific

Perhaps it could be a custom training mode - you record your (for example) Box Hill Climb and that sets up the custom event.  Then when you go to that event, your shadow is displayed along with the usual training info on screen?