Short looping course (5km approx)?

I’m looking for a short looping course (about 5km or so), where I can compare each lap and use my lap times as an incentive for me to go quicker.

I know there’s the Champ de elysees- however it’s extremely flat. Any other ones you’d recommend?

What about the Volcano circuit, or is it too flat as well?


Two Bridges?

7.1km 93m of elevation

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Thanks. Is there any way to see a ghost of myself with my previous loop/PB or similar & flash up previous times for segments of the route/loop?

Nope. See

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certain loops will give you that info, the volcano circuit for example has a timed segment in game so you will see your time each lap. I think the Champs does as well. If you use strava you can look after the fact (if a segment exists anymore).

Get a wahoo/garmin etc head unit and use the lap function on that. It’s also useful for averages (HR, power, etc) and other data that Zwift doesn’t show on the UI

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