New user question re: PR

As a new user I’ve only done two rides to completion (so far)

I notice on the volcano circuit I have a PR which I can see and try to beat… However, on the two bridges loop I have no PR even though I’ve completed the lap

Just wondering why this is??? Could it be the roll out prior to the start of volcano vs starting at the line for two bridges? Would the PR work on two bridges if I turned around, crossed the line and then turned around again to mimic a rolling start?

My question is not really a big deal but more of a curiousity thing as I have my ghost to push me which works quite well

Thanks for reading

I believe this is because the Volcano Circuit is both a route and a timed segment, while Two Bridges Loop is only a route. Zwift will only show PRs for timed segments. If you use Strava, however, there might be a timed segment for Two Bridges Loop (as well as other routes).

Didn’t one of the recent updates include adding PR bots to all routes?

I think PR bots are there, but I don’t think you will see a route time on the leaderboard on the left side of the screen, or in the ride recap, which is what I thought the OP was referencing.

So using your response I did some searching in the interweb and I think your answer hits the nail on the head

I found a site showing the segment(s) in the map and it makes sense to me now

So the only PR I get on two bridges, for example, would be the sprint over the bridge

And now I know how it works…

Thanks for the information

Well, technically, you do get a PR for the entire route. You won’t see it in an on-screen leaderboard in-game, but it is recorded. And, if you have the PR bots enabled, they would ride at your most recent and/or PR speed (depending on which you have enabled) for the entire route (and, I think, for the leaderboard segments, also; so it’s possible you might have 4 PR bots on-screen at the same time).

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That makes sense, I think I get it now

So on twin bridges I can beat my PR for the lap but will get no award if I don’t beat my PR on the sprint

Thanks for the explanation

there aren’t any awards for beating a PR… other than setting a new PR

But there’s a confetti cannon!!! :rofl:

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I stand corrected… :roll_eyes: