Am I missing something? Activity filter?

I don’t see a way to go into my activities and let’s say call up all my Two Bridges Loop rides to check my progress over time…

Can this be done? Because I can’t see how…


In the Companion app, from the Routes menu, you can see your times for segments (KOMs, sprints, Alpe du Zwift, etc) and also any routes that have a timed circuit such as Volcano Circuit, but you can’t see your total time on Two Bridges Loop which is not a defined segment in the game. If you want more than that you’ll need to use something like Strava.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll check it out

@Paul_Southworth has given you one option.

I have another option which will allow you to compare your complete ride performance on Two Bridges Loop, but not your actual loop time.

You are on ZwiftPower. If you go into your profile you will see an Activities tab option. Click on that and you will see a complete list of all rides you have done since you registered on ZwiftPower. There is a search facility. If you type in Two Bridges Loop you will get a list of only your TBL rides which you can then manually compare.

I’m not 100% sure but if you click on the ‘activity list update’ option there might be a chance that ZP will bring in your rides before you registered on ZP. Give it a try as I’m fairly confident it does no harm.

This search option works because you don’t appear to change the Zwift default ride naming system. If the search facility is to be most useful it helps if you name your rides in a way which allows you to search in a manner you really wish. [eg every time I go up Alpe du Zwift I ensure I add ADZ into the activity name]

I believe you can also go back and rename CA ride name and then engage the ‘activity list update’ option and it will rename the ZP activity ride/file names; helpful if you wish to retrospectively search for something you had not previously considered.

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Hmmm, sounds like an interesting idea… I will be checking that out

I’m not looking for precise times because I realize that Two Bridges Loop (along with many other routes) doesn’t give one, but rather a general idea of if/how I’m improving over time (motivation to myself to keep up the good work)

I rode Volcano Circuit CCW today and it’s been so long my 90 day PR is blank … To manually scroll through all my rides to find it would kind of be a PITA so to have an easier way to do it would be great (work smarter not harder)

Thanks Ian, this is exactly what I was looking for

I can now see my first miserable failure in on Two Bridges Loop when I hit the climb section, to my later completion of the route and on to my latest time/watts when I obliterated previous time/watts effort

Big boost to my motivation! I think I’ll try the tiny race series today since I finally have a Saturday off… Shout out to the striking UAW for the part requirement reductions where I work and my subsequent lay off!