Zwift activities showing but no detail

Hi. Probably a stupid newbie question but…

When I look at my activities and segments, I noticed that although all are listed under my profile activities, only some are “clickable” and have data behind them even though Zwift companion has them all and I’ve downloaded them to strava and Garmin. On Zwift power they seem to me acknowledged in general but I can’t get any analysis and none of the segments (KOMs etc) are there. Is that normal?

Im not following. Can you post a screen shot? Zwiftpower isn’t really there to track segments.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for coming back.

Here’s a screen shot:

If you look at it, the ones in blue have underlying data if I click on them (e.g. I can see the event and the underlying data is registered). The ones in black can’t be clicked and they seem to be non-event rides except for some of the Tour of Watopia ones). Interestingly, if I look at segments like Volcano climb, it will only show my times for the ones in blue and anything else is missing (screen shot 2). I know I did that KOM segment before that and have it on my Zwift companion but it hasn’t come up here.

Hope that makes more sense?


It is my understanding that that is how zwift power is meant to work. It’s main function is for events.

if there was an issue saving the event properly the event fails to show up as a blue link. That’s why one of your events isn’t blue.

thanks Ben. Understood. If you want to find your KOM times etc, where can you get that sort of data?

Do you use strava? I think it would only be kept on strava. Look for the segments with (zwiftinsider verified) attaches to the name.

I’m assuming the other time you did the segment it wasn’t in an event, is that correct?

Yeah I’ve just confirmed it’s only for events

yes. I was thinking the same thing. they all seem to be hidden segments on Strava so I have found them. thanks very much for your help.