Strange duration times for the new Watopia rebel routes [April 2022]

I have thought some of the estimated duration times on the new route selection screen were a bit overly cautious (Greater London Flat in under 60 (meaning over 30) mins?) but the latest additions to Watopia seem to be way off in the opposite direction: Downtown Titans, Three Little Sisters and Triple Flat Loops (24 to 37 km) all in under 30 mins, Eastern Eight (51 km) in under 60 mins?

Yup, those time estimates feel off.

We’ve got a ticket open to look into this. Thank you for flagging this up in a separate thread.

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Agreed! Just did Downtown Titans. I measure 15.3 miles on my bike. The average time is listed on the new home page at under 30 minutes.

That would mean an AVERAGE speed of 30 mph on a route with about 950 feet of climbing.

I know that LOTS of Zwifters are faster than me (including some pro-level talent) but I STILL don’t believe that the Zwift community as a whole is AVERAGING 30 mph!

(As if that isn’t enough, to make up for slow-pokes like me, someone has to be averaging, say, 45 mph over the route!). All a friendly FYI.

I posted this in the "New Zwift Home Screen Update thread. Zwift has some duration times way less than the Strava KOM times.
Other ones are way over estimated.