Estimate Course Completion Time based on rider avg W/Kg

The Estimated course completion times are very inaccurate, it makes it difficult to plan which ride I can complete in my allotted time. Many courses that say 90+ min, actually take me under 60 min, but then La Reine today told me under 60 min estimate, and it was probably closer to 90 min.

You should have data on each riders average W/Kg, it would make since to give each rider a custom estimated course completion time based on their avg W/Kg.

In the meantime, another reliable option is available at

It’s been a long standing, well documented issue.

@shooj any update to this ticket about estimated completion times?

Hi @Megan_Albin1

If we’re talking about the Duration column on the Route Selection screen - those times are estimated values for the “average” Zwifter. They are static numbers that are the same for everyone. The times are not dynamically customized for each Zwifter based on past performances, w/Kg, route profile, or anything like that.

The thread you quoted me on was specific to that game release when the Watopia Rebel Routes were made full-time, official routes. The ticket I was talking about corrected the erroneous Duration numbers for those routes only.

I think this would be a good idea, particularly for newer riders (new to riding, or just to the platform). Eventually, if you look at that estimated time and also at the elevation for the route, you can start to get a good idea of what your own estimated time will be. I don’t even look at the Estimated Time column anymore–I know what sort of climber I am and how I do on the flats, and so the Distance and Elevation columns let me make a pretty accurate estimate. But that comes with a lot of data from my own rides, right? A dynamic estimate based on our power curves would be pretty cool.

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