La Reine in under 60 minutes... Really?

Hi all,

Just completed my last badge - La Reine. The course description says it is a <60 minute workout. Really?

This must be a ‘typo’.

Has anyone completed this route in under 60 minutes?

You’re not trying hard enough. :wink:


Difficulty 3/5 seems a bit optimistic as well (btw Gotham Grind is now also 3/5).

Zwift’s route categorization breaks when you go beyond 4/5 in Effort or Duration. (e.g.: Lumping “Uber Pretzel” in with “Quatch Quest” doesn’t track.)

IMO, Zwift would do well to take data from ZwifterBikes (which I believe is based on ZwiftInsider test data) for route duration.

Example: Z1 Concept bike on Uber Pretzel, 300Watts average, 75kg rider: 4hrs15min. Labelling it “90+ minutes” is just nonsensical.

Get on this Zwift - it ain’t even difficult to fix - other people have done the math for you, just plug it in.


Considering the typical duration of a trainer ride and the impact of the spread in rider speeds as rides get longer/climbier, I think “90+ minutes” is good enough.