Shorter rides for the beginner.

I am using a schwinn stationary bike and I completed my Fit test. I am in average shape and I can’t seem to find rides that would be 45 minutes in duration.  It seems that most rides are 80 minutes and higher which is to hard for me as just learning. Any suggestions would be apprectiated.



Hi Peter,

I’m not sure I follow you, because you can ride as far and as long as you like in any of the three Zwift worlds (London, Richmond and Watopia).

Also you can create you own custom workout that you could design to last exactly 45 mins or whatever you would like.

If by rides, you mean events or races then there are a few. For instance there are single lap races of Watopia (6 miles) which you could enter and then cary on riding after the race finishes to get your 45min duration.

Good luck


I’m new and yes I have found several 50-60 minute rides. I typically push for an hour myself.  Look for “E” level rides. Usually, I can’t find one in the time frame I want to ride - so I just start and go as long and hard as I can.  ie:  “stop at 45 min” = )

I then compare my results - such as how far I traveled in that “set amount of time”.

I was happy to do 20 miles in 60 minutes after several futile attempts.  = ) 

Since I consider myself a beginner - I’ll “follow you” and maybe we can ride together some time.


Hi Ron,

Yes it’s not always easy to find an event at the right level and distance at a time convenient to you.

Have you looked at the structured workouts? You could create you own workouts with a difficulty/duration that suits you. So instead of just riding around trying to go as hard as you can, you can use your specific workout to motivate yourself e.g. improve your ftp value.

So next time you join Zwift, if there isn’t a race/event that suits you, just oo one of your workouts.

Hope this helps