Good beginners rides (solo) max 60 minutes

Hi all,

3 weeks on Zwift now, participating in a beginners 12-week program (it’s really nice) but I want to cycle 3 times a week. Does anyone have suggestions for nice sub 60minutes free rides? Please a bit flat course since I am Dutch and not experienced at all in taking hills or mountains.


Use this site and turn on the filters you will find many rides.


bit overwhelmed by the offer of these overviews.

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Remember that Zwift is a virtual world so, technically, ANY ride could be less than 60 minutes. Just ride where you want, and whenever you decided you want to stop you are already home!

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In events search for PACK beginners rides. These helped me as a newbie find out what was going on, and routes that I liked (or not).

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Hi @Robert_Cras,

As already suggested, check out the HERD rides if you are looking for a group. If you are wanting to ride alone as it looks like from the title of your post, I would suggest going into the routes (I particularly like Watopia) and go to the top of the list where you can sort by alphabetical, distance or elevation. Sort by elevation and you can scroll through and see which ones are going to be mostly flat. Flat Route, Tempus Fugit, and Tick Tock are routes that come immediately to mind.

Hope that helps and hope to see you out there!
Ride On!


Hi Beth,
where do I find the HERD or PACK rides? is that via the companion?

@Robert_Cras - it is easiest via the website @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ supplied. There is a filter option and you can search on ride name, text, etc. Plus some already defined filters. You can search for whatever group there and pick whichever ride will suit you.

There are other social/recovery/fat burn rides as well which is relaxed tempo for starting off. There is also always the pace bots which you can join in Watopia for the duration of your choice.