First Group Ride

I just completed Back To Fitness and thought I’d spend a week away from structured training and just have some fun, so I tried out a group ride.

I really enjoy the immersive nature of Zwift and the cheerful little world of Watopia, I think it’s the one thing that’s really kept me coming back to the trainer.

I reckoned I could stand an hour (it’s a long time on the trainer before you do it regularly, most B2F workouts are under 45mins) and Zwift put me in Category D, which I just crept into so I picked Tour de Friends with Velos.

It was a really interesting ride. It started with what felt like most people surging off ahead, which wasn’t surprising, and I had to get used to pacing myself rather than working to a target. And that’s where it got interesting because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stay anywhere near 1.5W/kg (I hovered just below mostly) but after the midpoint I did not have any really fatigue (maybe the slice of toast and banana kicked in?) and actually got a bit faster. Before I knew it it was over.

A lot of fun and I’ll definitely do it again next Monday. Eventually I’d like to race but I have a long way to go before wanting to attempt that.

A wonder of trying new things is that things you didn’t realize surprise you! Just keep enjoying the adventure!

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i’m glad you enjoyed it so much. there are also robopacer rides you can try too.

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I really recommend the group rides from:

  • Pack
  • EZR
  • The Herd

You can look here:
and sort for “rides” (which means group rides) and your category. Most of the D rides are 1.5-1.7 w/kg but there are several between 1.1-1.5 and 18-2.2 w/kg.

I think group rides are the best part of Zwift.
I tried to do a workout and a group ride each day for a few weeks. I really enjoyed it.

That’s awesome to hear. I’m so glad the experience was enjoyable and that you’ll go for it again!

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So glad you enjoyed your first group ride! If you haven’t already done so, I recommend registering for Tour de Zwift, there’s a lot of fun group rides to choose from.

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