How to create 20-25 minute rides?

Newbie alert here. I’ve only been on 2 rides so far. Both were training workouts. For my schedule, I can only ride for 20-25 minutes but I don’t see many workouts that last that long. Is it feasible for me to simply choose a place to start on the map and just ride for that period of time and quit? If not, are there better ways to create shorter workouts?

Many thanks for the assistance.

Couple of things you can do: 1) Just choose a route and start riding, quit when you’re done - you don’t need to complete a route if you don’t have time, not a problem. 2) Create your own workout in workout builder and make it as long or short as you’d like, this is a bit more effort than just jumping in and riding, but maybe you’d be interested in doing that. 3) Jump in with a “Pace Partner” that matches your ability (there are 4 of them to choose from) and play the drops game to gain drops faster than you would if you were riding on your own. You can leave the pace partner whenever you want.


If you have TrainingPeaks acccount then you can create a workout for the day and sync it to Zwift. This works okay.

Easier is just start a normal ride and do the workout as you would if you were riding outside on a real bike.

If you ride with a pace partner then choose one that will make it a tough workout. Sitting in the huge draft of the Coco group cruising along is probably not what you want for only 25 minutes, unless you want to spin for recovery.

You can either use the very basic workout builder includef in Zwift (you’ll need to do this on a PC or Mac), or use something like

Then you can create workouts that suit your needs.