Short HIIT workouts

I like to do the program workouts on the weekend when I have more time, but I only have time for about 35 minutes, including warmup & cooldown during the week when I run on my lunch hour. All the program workouts seem to be at least 45 minutes or close to an hour.
Could we get some short but intense program workouts? I know you can make your own but I’d like someone with more expertise than I.

Hi @Mike_Sullivan
Thanks for the feedback to up our game. I’ve forwarded your request to our Run team.

I heard a rumor that the reason they don’t exist today is that the acronym for that kind of workout is not family friendly :slight_smile:

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I would love to see more intense 5k workouts which will take less time…it’s hard for working moms to find time to stay fit!!

I’m also a Zwift runner looking for intense half-hour workouts. I’d say more, but Mike basically said exactly what I would have.

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I’ve just replied to another thread on this very topic and am very interested in the same.
I have roughly about an hour before work where I can get on the treadmill in the gym (to include warm up, cool down and showering) so would love to see more plans/workouts that are around 30-45 minutes

I just noticed yesterday that Zwift has added these workouts. Yesterday I did the “Through the Hills #2” 30 minute workout. Today I think I’ll do the “Through the Hills #1” 20 minute workout. I like that I can do the workout for an intense workout or take it down a step by reducing or eliminating the incline.
Thanks you Zwift.

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There is a whole slew of “under 30 minutes” workouts, including3 versions of 30/40s which do nice short interval sessions. There’s also a good set of choice in the “under 1 hour” category, including a 8x400m and a 4x800m.

Just burned 10% of my iPhone battery to start Zwift and look at these, however.


You can look at workouts on this site.

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Interesting - and brings on a question: can I access a single workout that’s part of a program, without doing the program? Apologize for my lack of knowledge of this, I only use workouts in running (I use TR for cycling, running Zwift in parallel), and never did a Zwift program either.

Hi @Robert_C

Some of those workouts you can do as single workouts.

If you select “Workouts” you can pick a single workout.


Vote for this one if you like the idea. Make All Training Plan Workouts Usable as Solo Workouts

Ok - so the list I see when selecting workouts does not include those that are hidden in a plan, correct?

It’s not a biggie, Zwift run is my go-to for business travel when I’m sort of forced onto a treadmill for lack of other options. So limited workouts is fine. But yes, it would still be nice to be able to pick any existing workout.

Édit: and - is there a workout creator for running?