Workout options

I really like workouts in Zwift.
Not all of them but there are plenty of well designed ones.
My only complaint is I have to use a 3rd party workout app when I try to perform workouts during the TOW rides.

I am weak. Double XP are like corn dogs and grape soda to me.

I previously used the Kinetic workouts but they are now gone.

I would like for Zwift to allow workouts during events.
Until then, is there another power based workout app that people use.
Free is nice because I would only sie it when Zwift prevents workouts.

WahooRGT has some free workouts that you do around Canary Wharf, you can adjust your in-game FTP to get the type of workout you want. Free “Threshold pyramid no. 1” is very adaptable, on page 4 or 5 on Android mobile

Got a device powerful enough to run MyWhoosh? Everything free.

There’s some workout apps talked about in the forum.

I’ve never done this so don’t know how hard it is to setup, run an ERG workout from say WahooRGT on one device and run Zwift TOW event on another at same time. Presume this involves ANT+ rather than Bluetooth, so your turbo can connect to two apps at same time.

Thanks, I will look into it.
I have smart power on a dumb trainer so no ERG for me (trainer diff always 0).
I just need power goals and an interval timer.
On my own, the only one I can do in my head are 15 min FTP intervals and those get old fast🥴

I tried the options but they didn’t work.
My phone couldn’t run MyWhoosh and I preferred not to pay for a subscription.
A “Eureka” moment occurred as I was deleting the new apps and I discovered the old Kinetic App was still loaded.
It wouldn’t open but then I remembered a suggestion to open the app in Airplane mode.
It worked just fine and I now have access to the 70 or so workout in that app.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Some of them are really interesting.
Zwift needs to keep innovating.

If your workout isn’t tooooo complicated, you can do it just by making a little list like this:

0 5 mins ramp from 110w to 160w
5 15 mins 160w
20 15 mins 240w
35 3 mins 110w
38 3 mins 160w
41 15 mins 240w
56 3 mins 110w
59 3 mins 160w
62 15 mins 240w
77 3 mins 110w
80 3 mins 160w
83 20 mins 160w
103 5 mins ramp down to 110w

That’s pretty much my 3 × 15 Threshold workout that I did the other day while free riding a ToW ride. I had that open in a text file on my phone while running Zwift on my Android tablet.

Wow, if that’s simple to you then you are way out of my league.

I literally can only track one thing at a time :sweat_smile:.

Thanks for the suggestion.


If you just go line by line it is only one thing at a time. :blush:

Besides, once you’re one minute into the efforts you have 14 minutes when all you really have to do is pedal and try to hold power at 5 watts below FTP. Oh, and spam Ride Ons!