Sprinting in Workout Issue

Okay so I am somewhat new to Zwift. I’m enrolled in the Training Plan “FTP Builder” I have done several workouts on Zwift and loved it. I love Zwift in general, but this made me mad… So I’m doing a workout that includes 10 290w sprints for 10 seconds. When I get to my first one I expect, because erg is on, it will increase the resistance for me to hit the 290w. Instead I’m met with a message saying “sprint in your biggest gear!” What? So I click down to my biggest gear for the next sprint and still am not able to reach the 290w. I’m sprinting as hard as I can’t but there is just no resistance there to give me the 290w. What is going on? Am I doing something wrong? Please help! Thank you!

That does not sound right. While reading I was expecting you to say your trainer hed so much resistance you could not turn the crank (known as the spiral of death).

What trainer do you use?
Are you on PC or Iphone or mac?
Haw are your devices pared? (image will help a lot)

See and that’s what I expected too! I know how that feels with the spiral of death. I am using a Wahoo Kickr 2nd generation on a PC while using the companion app on an iPad. The devices are connected via Bluetooth through the iPad.

what was the workout called? Was that block a free ride block?

So it is part of the training plan (ftp booster) and is the second workout titled “strength”

I was looking for that workout on https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/ but could not find it.

I dont think it is but can it be that that sprint was programmed as a free ride, thus turning off ERG and you have to change resistance and gears.

Not that I know of know everything else went fine for that ride so I’m just not sure where the problem lies

This just happened to me as well. I’m new to Zwift so I thought I was doing something wrong - I was ripping the pedals off and it was hardly registering any power. I stopped the workout, tightened the rear wheel (in case it was slipping - Kickr Snap) and re-calibrated. No luck.

This was so frustrating. I was doing the second Strength workout in the FTP booster training plan. The first time I did it there was no problem. But that was before the update.

Hey Glen, did you by any chance try this workout again after restarting Zwift and repairing your devices?

It has only happened during the high FTP 10 second efforts, these do not come up again in my workout plan for a few more days. I will let you know the next time I do the Strength workout.

Ok, thanks for the details! We’re also investigating resistance issues with Kickr’s and you can follow along with the progress here: BLE Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices)