I’m new to zwift and about to finish the 6 week ftp builder program, could anyone advise what program to do next? Enjoyed the first six weeks and want to continu with a program suited to my current shape,

Thank you very much

I haven’t tried any others. Last year there were special events like the L’Etape Workout that was something like 28 workouts over 8-12 weeks. Plus Zwift Academy.

Those programs should be saved in the workout selection area to try those.

This year I am just looking to cherry pick some VO2Max and HIIT specific workouts from all the options.

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I agree with Chuck - both of those are excellent. I use both.

I would suggest mixing up the workouts with group rides. Once you are comfortable riding in a bunch, maybe try some racing? A good starting point for both is a stage of the Tour De Zwift. Sign up for a group ride and if you fancy pushing it a bit they’ll be plenty of people to follow. If not, you can ride along in a group - pace for all abilities,

Variety is key in my view. Structured workouts, group rides, racing, longer rides/fondos etc. Keeps the interest up and helps progression.

Good luck

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