A mix of high intensity (HIIT) and low intensity training

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of either a training plan or a workout plan which focuses on one day of high intensity rides (HIIT possibly?) then the next day of low intensity (fat burning) longer rides?

It doesn’t matter if its a lot of days either, I have the time.

Check this out.

Thanks but I can’t really find what I’m looking for on there, hence the question :joy:

You can always just create two workouts and do them on alternate days.

It should like you know what you want, just can’t find it.

Yeah I thought of that, just wondered if there was anything out there already.

I do the 6 week FTP Builder, week 5.
I then alternate a Thresh hold development day (harder) with a foundation day (easier).
If I’m really tired, I’ll do an active recovery day.
If you want easier or harder, you can use the PgUp & PgDn buttons.

Just scroll thru the workouts and find a week that has a few workouts that you like and just flip back and forth.

Thanks for the advice!