175 km/h uphill at 2.3 w/kg, 188 watts

There’s a bug. I happened to “just watch” and Zwift took me to a rider who has done 46km at the moment in 16 minutes 40 seconds, riding the Watopia flat course. They’ve taken the green jersey. They are riding the Zwift TT bike. It’s fast.

Interesting. The rider coasted for a while at about 49km in, and speeds are now under 60kph.

Can you tell me which TT bike they were using please? I need to ensure I get that in my garage :wink:

I see another issue with the screenshot above - whilst on the Watopia course, they are still currently 13th in the Giro TT challenge. Impressive to be able to ride both Watopia and Bologna at the same time.

IIRC it was the regular Zwift TT bike, so a real bargain for the performance.

Along with the extraordinary speed doing laps around the Watopia flat course, the Giro TT Challenge banner on the right side was also curious. Both avatars were in Watopia.

I’m seeing so many more bugs and hacks lately. In the last week, in only a couple of rides, there are more riders than ever blowing around at 150-200km/hr, taking jerseys and messing things up. Yesterday, I watched someone take the sprint jersey in the new desert section with a 10 second time (normally ~30 seconds plus for the strongest), and he was lapping all over Wattopia for quite a while at this speed.
I also rode past someone who had a ghost trainer attached to his bike (he was moving too, at ~20km/hr) - presumably he was actually in a pen somewhere warming up.

I think some of this is due to Users not updating their software. There should be a check on the start up to check current Zwift installation against the latest available version if they do not match the user need to update before riding.

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