I'm too fast

Hi there,

I just started using zwift today. I did a lap of the small hilly route on Wattopia (the 9 km loop) and when I finished I was ranked 6th on the leader board. I know that I am not that fit so I dont think this is right. For example on strava when cycling outdoors I am usually ranked between the 70th to 90th percentile of the KOM. I would expect this to translate to Zwift. At the very least I would not expect to be ranked 6th, especially when my FTP is about 190-210 watts.

I should add that i have a tacx bushido smart, with tyres at 110 psi and I have calibrated the trainer using the Tacx app.

Any suggestions on what to do?

The Leader Boards are Zwift are dependent on how many are currently doing the route. Also, the times on the Leader Boards are only good for an hour so it is very plausible that you earned that 6th place.

I have notice that not many are doing the Hilly Route on Watopia anymore, sometimes I am only seeing one time on it.

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Thanks Paul - that makes much more sense!

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