Zwift vastly overestimates my performance


I just joined today and have been running into some trouble. I am saving for a smart trainer but right now am going the cheap route, with a secondhand fluid trainer, my bike, and a cadence/speed sensor.

When I did my initial Watopia ride, I was astounded to find where the software ranked my speed. Without trying that hard I was setting monthly segment records and I even placed 2nd all time in one segment. I’m a pretty average guy so I know that this estimation is off. I also tried on my wife’s bike and had the same result. Though I may get a smart trainer someday, I am wondering what I could do now to rectify this issue, since I feel bad placing in all these leaderboards when I know I’m not there. The sensors are correctly configured and I selected the right fluid trainer from the list. My only theory is that perhaps Zwift thinks I’m getting a lot more resistance than I am.


Are you sure you’ve set the trainer up properly for Zwift?

I can’t see anything to adjust on the trainer itself.

For a ‘dumb’ trainer there are certain ways they have to be set up within Zwift, as well as on the trainer and bike (tire pressure, trainer resistance). Be sure you’ve done all of that and you should get reasonable power numbers. For use without a power meter, Zwift has done some in-depth testing, but it’s all reliant on the trainer and bike being set up to the correct specs.

Thanks, I will look into that

Make sure your height and weight are also correct.