My speed is too fast

I just set up zwift for the first time. Wahoo speed and Cadence sensors with a kenetic trainer. My speeds are about 50% too high. Any suggestions to make it more accurate?

What are your speeds?

If you can post a screenshot of your ride or a link to Strava that would be helpful.

When I hit 30mph. It should have been around 20

@Jeff_Swajanen doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to me. Without seeing your Zwift summary of the ride to see what kind of power you were putting out on the downhill can’t say 100%. But based on Strava you hit 30mph while going downhill and it looks like a pretty decent negative grade so that seems reasonable. The other day on the Richmond course I hit 70kmh on a -6° grade after putting out 200W for a bit then super tucking. Weighing 100+ kg has its advantages on the downhills :slight_smile: .

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Okay I’m embarrassed. Didn’t realize I was going downhill! Haha. I’ll check back in tomorrow morning when I do an actual ride. Thanks!!


No worries. We all started out at one point and had questions. Check back in if you have any other questions, most people on the forum are here to help out (like we got helped out when we first started). Ride-on