Hills & Speed

I have read through a few of the posts here regarding this issue. I just do not find Zwift to be fun at all. In almost every ride, there are hills that slow me to 2-3 mph. Even when I try cranking at top speed I can only get to 4mph while other riders fly past me. It makes the entire experience boring AF. I like the idea of tracking ‘mileage’ for Strava on days when I cannot get outside…but I am tempted to just go back to Apple Watch and “Indoor Cycling” which only tracks HR and cals. I do not ‘get’ the Zwift app at all and/or why it keeps me at 2-3mph for 30-60 mins of ‘riding.’

Hi @Doug_Sooley

What type of trainer do you have. Give us some details about your setup.


Set up is important but so is route selection.

I have a friend with a similar complaint. He had jumped into France and was going up Ven Top without realizing he would be climbing for 2 hours.

I just have a little Magene device attached to the spindle of my back wheel with a Trek 4.5 sitting in a non hi-tech indoor trainer (just a flywheel basically). When I look at the route on Strava, I am going up a whopping 200 feet of climb and the entire time I average 2-3mph…even when I start pedaling like a madman. Other riders fly past me like I’m sitting still. It just doesn’t make sense, nor does it make it ‘fun.’ After one little climb of 200 feet, on the down slope I got to 50 mph+. Fifty! Daheq?

Hi Doug, looking at your activities on the companion app and you are averaging between 70 and 90 watts. That is very low power assuming you are capable of average physical ability. Something is probably wrong with your setup. What trainer are you selecting on the pairing screen?

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I click on the ‘unsupported’ or whatever the choice is for not found. All I have is a fairly cheap flywheel thingy that the rear wheel sits in.

are they more like rollers?

To get the best experience you should look for a trainer that is supported by Zwift.

Are you sure the speed sensor is on the wheel and not the cadence sensor

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I think so. It is supposed to switch in between when reinserting the battery. I could try taking battery out and putting back in and riding that way. I just assumed it was on speed since the app was recognizing speed?

It won’t let me put a link or a photo in here but it is a cheapo that is on Amazon as: Fluid Bike Trainer Stand, Sportneer Indoor Bicycle Exercise Training Stand

I looked it up, the “unsupported” trainer will cap you at 400 watts, but you should be able to ride at a normal pace around 150 - 200 watts without too much of an issue.

Make sure the speed sensor is installed correctly and the wheel size you are selecting is correct.