2 Weeks In and here is my feedback.

One I love this concept, i used to ride a bike at the gym that had very similar user interface, but the bikes kept breaking, but it was the best thing to push me.


  1. Why, when i am going 37 MPH downhill does some dude pass me easily going 45 mph?

2.  I am averaging 230 Watts, and dudes a flying by me, is that reasonable?

Application Suggestions:

  1. Let me ride with people who also use the Kinetic rock and roll, and filter out anyone else.  I want to compete on a level playing field.

  2. When i pick a course (IE London loop) DO NOT MAKE ME PICK DIRECTIONS.  You should smart enough to auto load the London loop, and I don’t have to mess with my smart phone to go LEFT at a certain spot.  Also, how in the hell do I stay on Course?  It said London Loop straight, so I go straight instead of the default Left and I missed it somehow.  Really frustrating!!!

  3. Better mark the time trial sections on the course.  A FAINT red line on the ground doesn’t help…Have some overpass signage.

  4. Allow me to ride against a ghost of my last score on a course so I can always get better

  5. Offer up more shorter courses 5 mile courses.  Everyone doesn’t have 2 hours to ride the bike every day. or even an hour.

6.  Let me pick my course.  I get all excited to hop on Volcano, to only see it isn’t available today WTF!!!


Also, the Watt to KG feature seems rigged.  Are you applying true physics models.  IE. some little person what weighs 100lb versus a 300lb person going downhill as well.  If someone is going to fly by me with a 4.3 w/KG ratio because they put in they weigh 60lbs, I should fly by them on the downhill section at 100MPH.

  1. They are putting out more power, are heavier and/or have a more aero bike.

  2. Yes, there are a lot of pro cyclist and triathletes and other very strong riders on Zwift.

  3. Why would you think that someone on the same trainer would somehow make it a level playing field for you? I would think you would be looking for riders with similar FTP’s and w/kg

  4. If you select a course Zwift will automatically make the turns for you, no need to make them manually. You make manual turns if you want to change course.

  5. Once you ride more you will know when all the sprint/KOM start so you can get a run up to the start.

  6. Been suggested a few times, but Zwift has not commented on if it will ever get implemented.

  7. You can stop anytime, you don’t need to finish a lap/course.

  8. You can use the World Tag hack to pick what world you want to ride: https://zwiftinsider.com/world-tag/ I suspect very soon we will have the ablility to choose what world within game.

  9. This should answer your speed question (I think they are fairly accurate): https://zwiftinsider.com/zwift-speeds/ 

  1. OK, what does a strong cycler average for Watts?


2.  Why would the London loop have a straight ahead arrow on the overhead banner when the turn came up, if i was supposed to go left which was the default setting.  So i chose straight…so you are saying pick your course and don’t correct any turns?

  1. I see people holding over 300 watts and/or 4 w/kg and more with power meters and HRM. Again, there are pro cyclist and triathletes using Zwift along with other very strong riders. Worrying about what others are doing on Zwift will be detrimental to you both physically and mentally.

Hell, Dale Jr. probability hyped up on Mt. Dew and flying by everyone. 

  1. Just pick your course and Zwift will make the needed turns for you. 

230 watts, sorry to say is very average power. I’m 56 years old, FTP 302 (Power meter) 4 w/kg and train 6 days a week. 230 watts average is a very comfortable pace for me.

That said there are some naive people using Zwift with dumb trainers and badly calibrated smart trainers putting out crazy levels of power. They pass everyone including me. They usually have no idea that their power numbers are way more than they should be. Just ignore these people.

I just want to make sure my setup is accurate, I can handle the truth.  Good to know that people average 300 watts easily.  Gives me something to strive for.  


I would still like to filter out people using other devices.  I have no idea if a FTP 302 power meter is even close to a kinetic rock and roll with active incline adjustments.

So Nigel, I am assuming you weigh around 150 lbs?

77 kg. 182 cm tall. Ftp is 302 or 311 depending on which testing protocol I opt to use.