Outrageous speeds - +250kmh

I’ve not found a similar case/bug, so here’s my post

Entered the Watopia Haute Route event, and 5min in, I was 4th/6800… should have been 4th last, and when I checked my speed, it was ~140kmh, so I bailed from the event and chose to ride solo. Tootled up the Epic KOM and things seemed settled, so I figured it was an issue with the even, until I hit the DH after the KOM… stopped pedalling and accelerated from 180kmh to over almost 300kmh… without pedalling, so nothing to do with my trainer.

I can’t be a wonky gravity modifier as I’d never have made it up the hill.

I realise this is just a game, but it was quite a disappointment.

Does anyone have an idea why this happened and how I can avoid it happening again?

Sounds like the Zwift acceleration bug. I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to avoid it if it hits you beyond quitting Zwift and restarting the program. Seems like the devs are able to replicate the bug so hopefully they will be able to fix it.