Tour de Zwift 2020: Stage 1 Results (17:30 UK Event)

Hello everyone. I’m “startled” (shall we say) by the result of this group ride of Stage 1. I’m pleased with the outcome personally but doubtful about the “winner”. It doesn’t seem possible to me to ride 42 km in 28 minutes. Is there an explanation?

Probably a case of this bug:

There are numerous segments in ZWIFT that have been ridden with over 80 km/h.
I don’t know how it is possible, but cheating comes to mind, faulty setup of trainer or user error.

There also seems to be some ride routing issues where some riders are not doing the same route even.

Seems likely. In that case what happens? Will the result stand?

I think in the New Year’s century rides I saw someone with the acceleration bug (someone was blasting past all the other riders and I asked during the ride if other people where seeing the same thing) but I couldn’t find them in the results. Perhaps the rider choose to bin the ride or perhaps Zwift flagged it automatically, I don’t know. If that rider is still at the top of your results then I don’t think Zwift will remove the result afterwards.

Where do we find the results?

results at zwift power, you may need to be registered there too.

I had the bug yesterday. As I pushed 350watts, I was riding 150mph. The speed normalised sometimes, but then went crazy again. Did the bologna timetrail in 2 minutes lol. I hope it was the first and last time cause this realy gives me no training information :unamused:

Need to know what your set up is to determine the problem with your calibration.