Race speed way too gast

So tried my first race today and for some reason I took off like a bat out of ■■■■! Was hitting over60 mph on the flat! Weird thing is my cadence/power were all normal. 250-300 watts should have been around 25 mph or so. Dropped out so I didn’t mess up the results for everyone else. Restarted Zwift and went for a ride and everything was normal. Any idea why that would happen? Wahoo kickr setup, heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. I’m registered on Zwift power. What did I do wrong?

Probably another case of the…

Yep this is it exactly. Bummer that it happened to me on my first race. I was super excited to see what racing was like. I restarted the app and didn’t have the issue so went for a normal ride. Hopefully won’t happen again.