Zwift RPM bug/cheat?

Hi all,

First post on this forum, so please be kind. After I finished the London 8 course yesterday, I was watching a few other riders and found one doing the London Hills section pedalling at over 8600rpm. I thought that was a little weird, so kept watching and they held that cadence all the way up Box Hill, pulling well over 25km/h for the duration. Their avatar was pedalling so fast, their legs were going backwards at some points. How in the hell is this possible?? E-bike perhaps?


You can’t cheat in Zwift w/RPM. It’s a visual thing only. If you don’t have a cadence sensor, Zwift will still provide an estimate if I remember correctly. I’ve had my sensor get wonky and send/stuck at zero where my guy rides around w/out pedaling. Again, it’s a visual thing only.

So this person was actually pulling over 8600rpm? That was the figure at the top left of the screen and it didn’t fluctuate for the entire climb. Should have taken a screen shot…

Might be a visual glitch or a sensor failure.

What was the power like for that rider? Extremely steady without any fluctuations? If that’s the case, then it seems odd.

I often get glitches where my avatar goes along without turning the pedals on the screen, no matter what RPM I’m actually doing.

They were pulling about 4.8 w/kg, thats what drew me to them as I was interested in the power, what their weight was, spedd etc. Power did fluctuate but not wildly, was around 300W and as I said, speed was also pretty locked in.
Anyway, just thought I would ask and see if there was something I could learn from watching others.