Super Fast Riders today on course

I was riding the Watopia Flat ride and also the Italy Sub2 ride and before the tunnel through the water I noticed there were many riders that kept passing me in a flash (like 10 times my speed), this was like 50-80 random riders per minute. There were also the normal riders riding a little faster, slower, and pacelining worked normally. This just started today. Anybody else experienced this today?

Yep, I was passed by the warp speed crowd at that point too. Are you able to see the new route? I figured the speeding rider artifacts were related to the missing route, and we were seeing the riders warping when they were in a route that didn’t exist on our devices. I was using an Apple TV, how about you?

Confirmed, saw the same things this morning.

Thad, I’m using a PC laptop running Windows 7 Pro. I’m not sure if the new route (Tempus Fugit?) was available that day. I just checked and it’s showing up along with the other new rides that use this route.

Today I had 3 attempts to working out using zwift and had this issue. The first time I attempted to do the crit race at 15:40 est time today. I typically ride between 180-240 watts with a 70-100 cadence. I started out normal, and then shot up to 60 mph passing those that were even in the A category. After a couple minutes I stopped the ride because of the glitch. I then started a regular ride on flat route watopia, and quickly had the same thing. I then checked my profile settings, height and weight, calibrated my trainer restarted the app on my Apple TV for the third time and experienced the same thing. I figured screw it im riding but after 15 minutes of setting ridiculous times on the sprint and having the green jersey I felt like I put in a cheat code and it wasn’t fun. So I then proceeded to just use the app the company my trainer has to do a 45 minute spin. Hopefully this issue is resolved shortly, as the weather has turned for the better and I won’t be using zwift much until November.

I also at one point reached 105 mph during my 15 minute spin on zwift.