Like a speeding bullet!

I was just doing one of the normal figure of eight (I think) routes in Watopia last night and a rider came past me a few times like a bullet.

Their time up the hilly loop KOM was 11 seconds compared to the normal 4:30 - 5:00’ish minutes that mortals take.

Is this something to do with the developers, a hack, a bug, or an amazing new power up? Kind of ruined the chance of going for a sprint jersey for me, but can’t have been very good for their training either.


Probably a pro doing intervalls before the WC! :joy::+1::+1:

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I saw something similar on Yorkshire course last week and was curious. I found the rider in the companion app and not much looked out of the ordinary. They were pushing 200W, but going like stink on the road. The power however was not fluctuating, but sticking constant 200W, which was all that smelled rotten.

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It could be someone with a trainer that got stuck on max watt and they just kept going.

Or someone faking the Ant+ signal to create a bot.

You can click on there name in the companion app and flag them.

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I didn’t click on their profile, this was someone who must weigh 1kg and was putting out 1000W minimum.

Judging by the speed they went past me I was surprised that it took them 11 seconds to get up the hill.

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Saw the same monday evening on Wattopia hilly route. 9sec up the climb and 1min for the round…
Obviously was holding all the jerseys for a while-.–

The name and profile looked normal, otherwise I would have thought it is a Zwift-internal test
Interested to hear what it actually was.