TT Bike no speed

I was doing the Chasing iTT today and had to quit. I was doing 3.9wkg and the bike wouldn’t gain speed. I was being overtaken by riders doing 2wkg

The game was picking up watts but something was off with the in-game speed, I was on the Cadex Tri with disc wheels.

At 8:50 into the race I put out 5.5wkg and the in game speed won’t budge above 41kph

what turbo are you using?

Hey Rich, a KickR V6 via cable.
In game watts look accurate, but the speed seems capped just over 41kph. Its the same on free ride Tempus Fugit.
In game weight and height haven’t changed

Is this your first time riding the TT bike?

This race was flat so looking at w/kg is useless, you need to look at raw power.

Doing 280w to 300w I would not expect you go faster than about 42km/h on a flat road on a TT bike.

It is hard work out of the draft!

Hi Gerrie, I do the weekly TTTs.
My raw power was ~280watts and at one point over 500watts. I was being overtaken at 150watts at 2wkg. (I had sauce open so could see the speed and watts of other riders)

Even if it was raw watts, you can see at 01:14 in the game I’m doing 4.1wkg (300 watts) and I’m losing several riders who are doing 3 wkg. They would need to be over 100kg to be matching my raw power.

In a TT would it be normal for a Cat B rider doing to 300watts to be losing Cat D riders doing 2wkg?

Someone pointed out that my brake light was on. So I’m wondering if it was the way steering disabled was activated for the race?

Do you have Zwift controllers?

Did you switch bikes in the Pen?

Or possibly you experienced this Play controller problem. (It’s marked as solved but isn’t.)

I have Sterzo for steering and the click for gears. I switched to the Cadex before the pen.

OK my suggestion was worthless. I don’t know how braking could happen ever with your setup.

I’ve rebooted and it seems a bit better, I got to 49kph on Tempus Fugit, but I won’t know for sure until I try the next iTT.
It feels like a glitch where Zwift game thought I was on the steel bike

One of the riders who went past you doing less wkg than you weighs 67kg from a quick Zwiftpower search.

You were putting out more raw watts, more WKG and he still put time into you in the small segment I watched, something is up there.

thanks, Lee. Its a really weird one.

I think its fixed. In Tempus Fugit, once I get the Cadex up to speed ~45kph, I can cruise at comfortably at 41kph on the flat.

In my race earlier you can see I’m cruising at 36kmh.

100% something off in that iTT.

Ok, resolution to this thread. After two reboots I had a second attempt at the iTT and no issues with my in game speed this time for the same watt output.
I think having the sterzo connected and steering disabled may have caused in game braking. Either that or just a glitch when changing bikes.

Here’s the difference in game speed for the first 10min of each race.