New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

Unfortunately, it’s still only accessible from the paused menu.

The new home screen got me today.

Had a quick play, am on the fence. Some things seem better, others not. For my needs it doesn’t make a great deal of difference to my experience as i really change bike, do a workout/training program or ride with anybody.

I would like to be able to see the same visuals when choosing a workout route similar to when viewing routes in the main “world” tab. I don’t always remember which routes go where, what climbs are included, etc.



Windows - I fired up Zwift and didn’t know there would be a new Home Screen and lost time trying to figure out if there was a problem related to how I had display settings on Windows configured. The Icons are not suggestive so I had to learn the hard way what they do. I can see how you have made workouts sortable by various criteria - good feature.

Maybe I was not in a mood to learn how to navigate a new interface and have become accustomed to using the old one. I would suggest you find some experienced Zwifters who have never interacted with the new interface and put them in front of the new interface and have them narrate out-loud what they are thinking as they mouse around and try to figure out how the new interface works. You will pick up some valuable insights. There must be a Zwift “living lab” of some sort where you can do this sort of thing.

30 Mins or less ?

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Yeah, all the latest new routes have strange duration times, I just created a new thread about it under bugs and stuff.

Also, 134 XP sounds awfully little for this route, I presume there is a zero missing…

[quote=“Anna Ronkainen [AEO], post:121, topic:582390, username:Anna_Ronkainen”]
Also, 134 XP sounds awfully little for this route, I presume there is a zero missing…

Isn’t it 20xp per KM? If so that would be 1020xp for the 51km (ignoring the .6), so it’s not just missing a 0, it’s just wrong.

There’s a bonus for completing the route, the first time. It should be 1345xp.

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But isn’t that route badge bonus also 20xp per km? That still doesn’t add up.

Edit, now see the zi link, it must not be 20xp per km.

I edited my post, the completion reward is 1345xp (bonus was the wrong term to use).

Please see the first post upstream. The new home screen intentionally makes it simpler to find the events coming up in the next hour, where the Companion app and the Zwift Events web page makes it easier to find events further into the future.

The ToW filter will go away when we release Companion app v3.35. It’s not something we can make disappear from the server end - it’s baked into Companion 3.34.x

Yeah, the completion bonuses are not linear, there is a range of distances that gets the same XP.

The last 5 is missing on both Windows and Mac.

Is there any news on showing which world/route events are taking place on? It’s right up there with ‘ride with…’ being missing, in terms of baffling omissions IMO.

It would be good to know what’s being worked on and when it can be expected to happen. It needn’t be secretive, like other game/feature development traditionally has been. This is about core usability.


Why do you continue to roll out the lacking new home screen, when there are so many omissions, failures, unfinished parts and bugs?
I don’t get it.
Can you please explain?

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I thought that the bonus for getting a route badge is simple the XP for one lap of the route?

I didn’t even know there was a bonus for completing a route, but then I stopped caring about XP years ago! Is that each time you complete it or just the first time?

Just the first time, when you get the badge.

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Is it still possible to select a workout and them jump into a ride with a pace partner. I enjoy doing my warmup with a pacepartner and a workout selected.

After an event ill often select a warm down and hopnon with C cadence at the same time, can this be done? I tried loading a workout after joining a pacepartner but I’m too slow and end upnout the back.

Running Zwift on a Mac Mini with an external LG monitor. Always displayed properly before, but when I got the update today, I now have to change my LG monitor resolution to 720 in order for everything to display large enough for me to even see and read. Tried adjusting resolution in game settings and that did nothing. Thoughts?

You need to change the Home Screen Scaling setting. The Game Resolution setting is different, and relates to how the 3D game itself is rendered.