Previous Effort "Ghost" Rider

I have a number of friends who are Zwift users and many people like to “chase” someone while riding in “just ride” mode. They use this as their way to push themselves. Zwift has many really fit and talented riders, so it can be difficult to find someone that’s at your level to chase. The A, B, C, D race and workout classes haven’t perfected this yet.

I’d like to see something similar to a Mario Kart last lap ghost. It could be used on KOM’s or Sprint segments so you have someone that you could race against or a ghost that represented your average power over a prolonged period of time, say 5 hours, to ride along with. It would be nice if you could scale that ghost similar to a workout to help you continue to push yourself (set the ghost at 102%).

Is this a feature anyone would use if it existed?


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