Ride against my own avatar at PB pace

Is there a way to be able to compete against one’s own avatar? If you could set yourself to race against your own avatar for a segment or an entire circuit from a previous PB it might provide incentive for a bit of incremental improvement. Has this option ever been considered?

Yes see this post, Personal Best Bot

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So I see there’s a thread about it but I don’t see where it explains how to do it and there are a lot of replys to read through. Where is it actually explained? Or are you just saying yeah it’s been talked about but not implemented? And if that’s the case is there any actual consideration by zwift to do it or it’s merely a topic of conversation between users?

It is not currently possible, But vote for it to grab more attention to the topic.


Okay thank you for clarifying

Hi Gerrie
Thanks AGAIN for your help. Please give yourself a pat on the back. :+1:

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