Game Update: Oct 1, 2019

Yes, but was assuming this only applies on MTB bikes/wheels, not road bikes/wheels. Anyway, this has apparently huge impact on road races on tracks like Road to Ruins, which is not desirable (at least my opinion)

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I think this is awesome, now you have to analyze the route and decide what equipment you need, thing like where will I gain the most time, road tires on the road section or mountain bike on the gravel. I will bring a bit of tactical thinking to the game.

Munch like IRL, if it is very windy you wont take your deep section wheels.

again agree, but then it has to work properly, which is not yet the case I think :big_z:

I’m not in favour of this at all. Picking a TT bike for a TT, or a lightweight bike for a hill climb is one thing. Having to analyse the complete parcours and try and make a judgement as to which pretend tyres to run is quite another. It’s going too far down the sim route rather than being an easy pick-up-and-play game IMO.


That’s awesome!

Zwift Team,

I love my Zwift so any changes / new circuits are always a new adventure. Some I ride more than others but it will always be an individual preference thing but there is enough variety to suit everyone. I was really happy when Watopia is available permanently.

One option I would like is the ability to view the entire Watopia Island map showing all circuits. I often just ride, taking turns which are not part of a designated circuit. I often get lost or I’m not sure where to turn to get from the Volcano to the Jungle directly for example. The ability to copy and print the map would be good as I would have it beside the screen to help me navigate.



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Hello, thanks for the hard work but this update introduced a really annoying bug. I use a tacx neo smart and noticed severe lag between both terrain/texture changes and trainer resistance changes. By the end of my 30 mile ride the delay was over 15 seconds long (it seemed to progressively worsen over the ride). I’m never going to use the steering feature, and would really appreciate going back to the previous version, which worked well. Thanks!

These get updated once in a while:

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Thanks for the info on the update!
I am new to Zwift but I really enjoy the achievements and leveling up. Some of the other people I ride with have already reached the max lvl 50 and are looking for more levels.

I would like to suggest a level reset similar to the online play for call of duty video games. In the game they refer to this reset as a prestige. Where a rider goes to level 1 (prestige) and goes through each of the levels again. As they go through the levels the achievement prizes are similar but slightly cooler. I’ve got a long way to go but it’s just a thought!




Maybe make sprints a bit more visible instead of a little green line, have some sort of a countdown or a sign saying “sprint in 1 km/500m/100m” so those who are chasing a green jersey can ramp up the watts in preparation.


Tried the Repack Ridge course again today and in my third attempt succeeded in getting enough stars for the ATB. Nice! After the bike and my avatar changed the bike stopped moving, despite putting in the watts. Probably a small bug/glitch. Needed a restart. Also I’d like to do multiple laps of the Repack Ridge course without having to do a manual u-turn. Could that be fixed as well? Steering works okay. I’m using a piece of insulator tube under my tyre on top of a piece of wood. Using two pieces of self adhesive Velcro as phone mount. Cheap solutions which work well atm

That’s just a case of learning the roads, really.

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@Nathan_Thompson_FCCC This Topic has some more information.


Thanks all - sounds good- keep up the good work- cheers Phil

I have a question regarding the route achievements:
Is it possible to earn more than one per ride?

Yesterday I tried to manual navigate the “London classic” after I earned the “London greater flat”. But this didn’t count. So I thought I maybe have to do a separate ride for each route to earn the achievement.

.- regards Tobi

I tried this last night but I just got no turning at all - just goes in straight line. Is there meant to be an update to the Android Companion App to go with this? Latest version the Play store says 7th Sep…

requested numerous times. after year still nothing :face_vomiting:

Back to the title topic.
I rode the route again today and have some personal observations.

  1. If you have a Neo, you get road feel. Cool!
  2. I set the steering sensitivity to about 1/4 instead of 1/2 and felt more able to negotiate the course.
  3. Personally, I do not like the star system because if you make mistakes early in the ride you can not make them up. If you are going to to have a “style” mark, perhaps a time penalty could be used. That way you can try to compensate by going faster with all its inherent risks.
  4. I get so used to the steering that I want to steer and do (with no effect, of course) when I get back on the regular road course.
    I am having fun, even thought I have hardly ever mountain biked outside. Keep up the great work.
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So finally december 2019 is this what is next?

Route Builder
HUD Customisation
Velodrome Simulation
Ghost / Personal Best Bot

Event / Group Ride Chat
Prestige jersey effects