Event / Group Ride Chat

I can’t be the first person to request this, but I didn’t see it when I searched.

It would be great if people in a group ride or other event had their own chat channel that only people in that event can see.

I was riding in New York today and my chat box was jammed with people complaining about flyers in their group ride that I had no part of or interest in. Nobody cares and I don’t need that junk blowing up the side of my console.

This is already built-in. You can chat directly with a person. You can chat with all of Zwift. You can chat w/only those in your group ride.

Next time you’re riding, take a look at the bottom of the chat screen in the Companion app. You should see an option for all Zwifters and one for direct message. If in a group ride, I think one for the group replaces all Zwifters. I am sorry I can’t be more specific, but I’m not currently in a ride and thus can’t see said screen.

Thanks, Lin. Is it default for group riders to be set to chat within their group? Maybe something weird was going on, because I was getting a lot of nonsense from them in the global chat.

I don’t know if that is the default or not. Actually, when I replied I was wondering if maybe it was a ride organizer setting like jersey/kit selection. I don’t always look at the Companion app chat screen, so I’m not sure what it looks like every ride.

I’ll take a look on my next solo ride and group ride for comparison. You should do the same.

No you cant. I created a similar topic a while ago…

A simple group chat box (and not only for group chat also friends and so on …) something like you see in a group or race warmup phase:

Yeah, something like this is needed. Not necessarily on the side of the Groups, but for everybody else.

This morning a near constant stream of messages were popping up from some group ride leader (and others in the ride) trying to convince the riders off the front to slow down and re-join the rest of the group. If I’m not in that group ride, I have absolutely no interest in seeing that conversation.

Please, restrict messages from within a group ride/workout/race to show only to riders participating in that group ride. Or give us some options for specifying what messages we want to see during an individual ride. Or both.

I would like to toogle that on to see it all the time! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: