Ability to create dynamic chat group for post group ride after party

I often ride about 50% of my weekly distance as ‘extras’ or after party once the official group ride has finished. Sometimes there are many people in the after party that want to keep chatting via on screen messages as that is often easiest. Unfortunately, this means that conversations can’t be private and everyone nearby has to see the chat.

Today while riding with friends a few people were extremely rude. They were not close to us, but still within chat range. They clearly did not want to listen to our conversation, which is fine. However, to swear at us and comment on our conversation was unnecessary and quite disgusting. They were flagged at the time.

We should be able to keep chatting among our small group without annoying other people. Similarly, we shouldn’t have to tolerate the kind of misogynist and disgusting language used by those people.

Why doesn’t Zwift allow for selective muting of other users? Additionally, why doesn’t Zwift allow for the creation of dynamic ‘chat groups’ where chat is contained within the group like it is on meetups?

Private messaging is useless if there is more than one other person and we shouldn’t have to stop riding, quit, create a meetup and restart Zwift to chat in private and not annoy others. Coupled with a selective mute feature this would make Zwifting more enjoyable for many people.

C’mon Zwift. How about improving the core product and making the user experience that bit better for everyone.

Yes this would be good, sort of like a group version of direct message. Or a meetup that can be formed intuitive during the ride, but no need for an actual meetup


And some people just can’t get on our party level… so keeping the chat within the group could keep people safe. They won’t try and get on our level… so they stay within their means! And that’s science!


Great idea Jason! It would be so nice if Zwift would follow through with this. It would be a very nice feature. :+1:t2:

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That would be a great idea, I’m ready for the after-party, be able to chat will the group will be amazing, please zwift make it happen
Thanks in advance

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