Roadmap for Chat Feature

Hi Zwift! Could you fill us in on your roadmap for chat functionality? It would be great to have mute all, mute user, and block capability. I have been with Zwift from the beginning and love the community, but I am noticing an uptick in profanity in chat. I know there is a language filter, but that seems a little kludgy and is more of a band-aid. So far, I find it more irritating than offensive personally, but I do worry about the kids who Zwift and the impact it may have on the community overall if it gets worse. Also, I have been on a couple big group rides recently where the Group Lead dropped an f-bomb in global chat. That seemed really out of place in Zwift. Maybe it’s just me. What do others think?

I’m not worried about profanity personally, but have other issues with chat.

I have it muted because of people seemingly running training sessions on Zwift and shouting (CAPS) their instructions constantly. But that means that I do miss out on leader chat when I’m on group rides etc.

I think it needs to be more localised, either limited to the event that you’re taking part in, or within a limited distance to where you are riding in free-ride.

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Hi Ken,

If you go to the Game settings you can turn on the Language Filter, that should filter most bad words.

If you notice that would you please take a screen shot and notify Zwift.

Chat is based on distance you only see the chat of riders within X radius , I don’t know the exact radius but it is not very big. My guess is it is about the size of the riders you see on the mini map.


Ok, good to know. Though I think it might be bigger radius than the mini-map as I’ve been in areas quite lightly populated and their has been big group-ride chat’s going on.

Would be great if we could control the radius perhaps, but probably quite a complex change.

It would like if group ride chat only stay in the group. It is fun to chat in a group, but if you are free riding you don’t get the full context of the chat.

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I agree 100%

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport. I knew about the filter and that’s fine. For me, adding the ability to mute/block specific users would be great. Muting all chat at certain times would also be nice. The group lead going blue the other night just caught me by surprise. Riders getting salty in chat is nothing new, but I had never seen a lead of a big ride do it and I didn’t know if Zwift had any thoughts about it in general. This wasn’t harassment or trolling. It was just stupid behavior and I left the ride - so I will leave it there. Thanks for the reply!


Would be great to be able to select who you want to chat with… something like: chat all, chat followers, chat select and chat with people from current event.