Mute chat/do not disturb

Hi guys,

sometimes Im cranky and don’t want ride ons or to read any chats.Any chance you can do something for my grumpy days?


We’ve received this feedback from some other users too, and it’s a fairly common feature in online games with chat to have some way to ignore or switch channels. Thanks for the input!

What is the latest on the disable chat function?

I find it annoying to see the constant flow of chat that doesn’t concern / interest me. When I ride I want to be able to focus 100% on my workout and save the chatting for when I done.

I’ve been using Zwift for almost 6 months now & almost at level 20 now. Really like it, and with the new workout mode being added, a good thing will get even better.

the only thing I do not like is the chat so if that could be fixed, I will be all smiles!

Same here. I find chat annoying and I tend to annoy people with chat. Is there any way this can be muted?

I was in the server with Ted King and had to see a hundred chats about how awesome Ted is and how great his charity is, and how wonderful maple syrup is and blah, blah, blah. Well, enough was enough.

Good for Ted, good for the group riders supporting him, and good for his charity, but he basically co-opted the server, was a lousy leader, and it was overall obnoxious.

Same as when a sponsored team comes into a public server and takes over and trashes everyone. It pisses people off. This is a public server and his was a private event.

If I could have muted all that chat that had nothing to do with me or the rest of the server all would have been good.

Honestly, have you at Zwift never played online games before? Did you not think this through?

Well, looking at the latest newletter it seems MUTE is now enabled. Will have to try tomorrow !