Mute chat or mute specific riders

Is that even possible ? Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places.

Hiding the UI completely seems a bit much, when I just want to mute the chat all together or just a specific person (two to be more precise). Getting a bit fed up with their constant back and forth chatting, when it could be done in private.

not possible yet… apparently they are working on a user block option, but it seems to be taking a really really long time for something so “normal” on all other social platforms.


you can turn off chat completely in the main options


I’d love to have an option, via Companion while I’m riding, so I can disable chat on screen, but to be able to see it within Companion where it is not distracting.


Yes… that is highly needed in some parts of Watopia at the moment… :thinking:


Yes it is possible - you turn off chat in Zwift options.

Then you will see no chat on screen as Rich said.

You can also start your ride and disable your network connection so you can ride alone with nobody else then enable it to save your ride.

I will look at the options next time. Was hoping there was a way to just mute a specific person. Trying to reason with them is almost impossible. They just keep on running their mouth, like it’s their personal chatroom

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I mentioned this in another thread, but it would be really nice to be able to mute individuals, or in the case of group rides, mute everyone except the ride leader. Muting the entire chat doesn’t really help in group rides since you also lose the leader’s instructions and can end up left in the dust wondering why everyone around you suddenly sprinted away…