Hiding group chat without muting ride leaders

On large group rides with a lot of chatting going on, I often want to mute it, but I do want to hear what the ride leader or sweep says, so I know when they call for regrouping or make other comments to keep the ride going smoothly. I don’t want to be “that guy” who tells people to shut up, which is insufferably rude (and is usually rightfully ignored). I’m happy that the chatty people are enjoying themselves, but sometimes I need to turn off the endless patter popping up in the UI. It would be fine with me if hiding group chat didn’t hide the ride leader’s messages, or if there were a setting that let me keep the ride leader’s messages visible.

Edit: This page points out that in-game chat can be “offensive” but that statement should be accompanied with a link to the page that discusses how to respond when you see offensive chat messages.

Absolutely yes. I’ve often longed for a toggle for just this functionality.

Sometimes I feel sociable and like taking part in the chat, at other times I just want to pedal and sweat it out and not interact. Yes, I’m a part-time curmudgeon! :upside_down_face:

Being incapable of not reading any message that flashes up on the screen, this would make group rides far more enjoyable on certain days.

Just noticed there’s an existing thread for this suggestion