Can't Turn Off In-Game Chat

I cannot turn off the in-game chat feature - I’ve selected to turn it off in the settings menu but still have to put up with whiners on group rides complaining about flyers/no fence and then sweeps moaning that you need to be in front of the red beacon - blah blah.

I did wonder if it was because I had a couple of different machines connected to the same Zwift account - I don’t necessarily use more than one machine - so I checked the settings on each machine to confirm they are all set to “off” - but still the in-game chats/whines/rants continues :frowning_face:

This has been posted about before, and unfortunately, as you stated, it’s STILL a problem.

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Thanks for this - I should point out that I’m not using iOS but am using a combination of PC and Mac :+1:

If you read through the thread, you’ll note it’s been a problem for everyone across all platforms for a few months now.