Can we have a Disable Chat feature please?

It would be great if we could have the ability to disable the chat bubbles on screen (if using Apple TV) if we just want to focus on suffering up a climb or doing a long ride and not have to look at discussions taking place (especially if it’s a big group of riders). Currently there is no way to do this. Anyone feel the same way?

Yes! Please let us hide the group chats. It’s really distracting and sometime covers dashboard information I am looking at like grade on the map.

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On certain devices/platforms you can swipe the “Zwifters Nearby” box to the right and it goes away, under settings you can also disable Group Chat.

Disabling Group Chat does not really do much of anything and does not address this issue. I have it disabled and still see the messages the OP is referring to.

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LOL, I’ve never tried it so I have no idea what it does… seems self explanatory, but I guess not!

I don’t remember how, but I disabled chat a long time along. I never see chat bubbles. The only thing I ever see is the Ride On icon. Even when I have not swiped away the riders on the right of the screen, I never see chat.

On my Apple TV, this does not work. I’ve written to Zwift and they’ve told me there is no option (currently) to turn off the chat bubbles on the tv screen. If enough people wanted a disable function, it might be added in.

I too use Apple TV and would love to be able to enable/disable the chat bubbles. Love them when I join group rides/events, but find them annoying when focused on doing my own thing.

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Just wanted to add my two cents. I agree I wish I could turn this off. It’s a mild distraction but I really dislike having to see other people’s chats especially group ride leader’s barking orders. At the very least the world chat and group ride chats could be on different channels so not everyone has to see what happing on so and so’s group ride.

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I am able to turn mine off on my AppleTV 4K. Once you are in a ride bring up the menu and go to settings. There is a “Show Group-Chat” that you can toggle to “Hide”


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Brilliant Daniel! Thank you! Wish the Zwift team member who advised me this could not be done would see this!!

I’m not clear on what the “Show Group-Chat” option does… Does it hide all chat? What I’d like to do is hide chat from any Groups that I am not riding with.

On the app, that option hides all chat on my screen but I can see if (if I want) on the companion app. Useful for group lead comments or if chatting to specific people in a race