Imperial century jersey mark

Since as far as I know there isn’t another distance jersey past the imperial century, it would be cool if you got a slash mark or something on the jersey each subsequent time you completed the distance. 

Considering we never even thought someone would do a complete century on Zwift for awhile, this would be very cool. I think Julynn would definitely still be the leader on this :slight_smile:

I have to jump on board with this one; it would be nice to have an armband or patch viewable on the Jersey or something that would signify the number of Century rides completed. Hopefully it will make the planned list soon!


Just wanted to add to this thread…

I completed my imperial centuryon Saturday. Got the jersey and I have to say I was a but underwhelmed! 

The ride took me over 5 hours and I think it’s a decent achievement for people to aim for and complete. I was hoping that the jersey would stand out more.  The fact it’s all black makes it look very similar to one of the standard Strava jerseys. 

I also had the same thought about stripes or hoops to represent the number of centuries people have completed in one ride.  I was thinking a big improvement on the standard century jersey would be if it had a single light blue stripe or hoop on it.  Subtle but it would stand out.  

Am I alone in my thoughts? 

Love the Century Jersey! Hash marks or something to indicate the number of Centuries would also be great. How about a double metric and a double English?

Is it possible to purchase a real version of the century jersey… Sold, of course, only to people that have completed one… Or is that too geeky…