Software crashed at mile 97...Can I still get the black century jersey

Today during my century ride my software crashed at mile 97. All of a sudden the software started lagging and then something popped up saying “Zwift has stopped working”. This is very frustrating as I was so close to the black jersey. I rebooted my software and completed the last 3 miles so I would get in a full century, I was able to upload the 97 mile ride to Strava because it stored in my Zwift activities folder, but the file said it was corrupt when uploading.

All I care about is getting that black jersey. Is there any way possible it can be added to my account? I have included links to both of my ride on strava, so you can see I did the full century. Please Please Please help me out.


Greg. One day that Black Jersey will look really nice on you. On a serious note, that really sucks.

Sorry to hear about the crash. Can you please submit a ticket with the log files? We need to get to the bottom of that crash. Mac or PC?

I think the team in LA will sort you out regarding the black Century jersey. You certainly have earned it. :slight_smile:

Oops. I used my son’s account to respond to your post!

Hi Eric,

I was using a PC. I will send the log files right now. Thank you so much!