(Juan Botha) #1

So I did a metric on Richmond, my first continuous on Zwift, but never got a Metric jersey. Is there a reason they have been removed off Richmond?

(K Dentry (WSR) RO4H) #2

Someone else had this same problem.  I cant find the thread (It may have been on FB).  Open a ticket and send them your log file and they will hook you up!  :) 


And CONGRATS on the  Metric!   Welcome to the club!

(Tim RO4H ZF) #3

Hello, the same happened to me yesterday on the Richmond course. I rode several miles afterwards just to see if there was a delay, but never got the jersey either.

I also didn’t get the Zipp wheels for leveling up while riding Richmond. I sent in a ticket to support and will let you know what they say once received but I would suggest submitting a ticket to support regardless since this appears to be an issue with the update. 

BTW, congrats on the metric! It sure is a fun way to spend a few hours!

Regards, Tim



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Yup! It was a bug and the fix will be in the next update.

Please submit a ticket with your .fit file for the ride in question and we’ll give the jersey manually.