100km Richmond Jersey

Hey guys,

I just saw on the latest bug fix that you guys patched Richmond to award the 100km jersey to riders.

I completed this achievement 



Do I need to re-do this achievement or can you award my jersey based on this previous ride?

Thanks guys! Keep up the great work.


I created a ticket from this, and we’ll troubleshoot with your further there via our support system. Keep an eye on your email for updates. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks Jason… feel free to nuke this thread if you’d like!

Hello. I think I had the same problem.  I did a 100km Richmond ride, a couple of weeks ago now, and did not get the achievement/jersey.  Having the jersey would be fun, if possible.  Thanks!

Kurt, send us a support ticket at bit.ly/zwiftsupport, and we’ll see about getting you sorted. Thanks!